Conceptual Maps

These videos were developed for high school students to provide a quick informal overview of public health, and a conceptual framework for thinking about complex global health challenge. They were created in the context of a partnership between the Global Health Education and Learning Incubator and the Cambridge School of Weston.

The videos are in a Vimeo Portfolio which can be accessed here or alternatively you can access the individually below.  

Provides students with a brief introduction to Dr. Goldie. 

Provides students with a brief introduction by asking three questions. What do we mean by “health”? What do we mean by “public health”? Is “global health” the same as public health?

Provides students with a ‘cognitive map’ or a ‘thinking tool’ that will help to organize their thinking about contemporary world health challenges in terms of two core questions: 1. What is the problem and how can I understand and contextualize it? 2. What are the ways I can tackle the problem, drawing on tools from within and outside the health sector? 

Rough draft of a video that is intended to provide students with a deeper dive into what is included within each element of the conceptual framework.