Harvard University Center for the Environment

The Harvard University Center for the Environment, established in 2001, encourages research and education about the environment and its many interactions with human society, providing a focus for interdisciplinary, cross-faculty research and education in the field of environmental studies at Harvard. The Center’s activities include: a program for environmental fellows, a graduate consortium on energy and environment, an undergraduate summer research fund, and faculty grants for exploratory research. The Center coordinates with the environmental science and public policy concentration in the design and activities of the secondary field in energy and environment, an opportunity for Harvard College undergraduates to gain exposure to, and literacy in, the interconnecting set of issues related to energy and the environment. Areas of research include: architecture and environmental design; arts and humanities; business, law, and policy; climate; ecology and biodiversity; energy; human health; and the social sciences. Online resources include videos, an environmental course guide, and information about student groups, energy and environmental programs on campus, and sustainability at Harvard.