• Visual Learning Studios

    Spaces to tinker, explore, and experiment in the digital environment

  • Incubator Immersion Residencies

    Spend a week experimenting, innovating and reflecting on teaching, learning, and communicating

  • Digital Library and Learning Lab

    Create and curate interdisciplinary resources for teachers and learners

  • Incubator Workshops

    Contribute to an emerging visual grammar for global health and global learning

  • Pilots and Programs

    Incubate instructional models that promote interdisciplinary & integrative learning


This interactive component of the State of World Population 2016 report lets users explore demographic indicator data about ten-year old girls. Updated annually, these can be sorted by topic such as education, fertility, etc. Search results can be viewed geographically. Use this report to familiarize students with gathering primary source data or for leading a discussion about gender and life opportunities. 

Online Course

Professor Sue J. Goldie introduces her newest online course, Decision Science for Public Health (RDS 202), which will be offered online in Spring 2017. The course seeks to provide public health students with exposure to and literacy in decision-making under conditions of uncertainty, and students will work through the math, the policy considerations, and the clinical challenges in public health decision-making. Watch the course trailer and register for the course.

Faculty Residency

Spend a week in an Incubator immersion residency - experiment in the visual learning studios, develop multimedia prototypes, and create interactive instructional materials. Here is a short peek behind the scenes about visual communication and instructional design highlighting junior faculty, students and staff. If interested in a spring or summer slot email us!

Teaching Workshops

Workshops at the Incubator focus on tools and techniques to inspire innovative pedagogy and provide new skills for teachers. Check out a behind the scenes clip about digital media and connecting with learners! If interested in spring workshops for teaching fellows, join our mailing list.

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