• Visual Learning Studios

    Spaces to tinker, explore, and experiment in the digital environment

  • Incubator Immersion Residencies

    Spend a week experimenting, innovating and reflecting on teaching, learning, and communicating

  • Digital Library and Learning Lab

    Create and curate interdisciplinary resources for teachers and learners

  • Incubator Workshops

    Contribute to an emerging visual grammar for global health and global learning

  • Pilots and Programs

    Incubate instructional models that promote interdisciplinary & integrative learning


This 2017 report, Global Health and the Future Role of the United States, outlines recommendations to the U.S. government and other stakeholders on why global health priorities and resources continue to be vital in today’s climate of global health threats and challenges. Published by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, the report recommends increasing responsiveness, coordination, and efficiency. 

Faculty Residency

Spend a week in an Incubator immersion residency - experiment in the visual learning studios, develop multimedia prototypes, and create interactive instructional materials. Here is a short peek behind the scenes about visual communication and instructional design highlighting junior faculty, students and staff. If interested in a spring or summer slot email us!

Conceptual Maps for Global Health

This series of four short videos, developed by Incubator Faculty Director Dr. Sue J. Goldie, provides an informal overview of public health and a conceptual framework for thinking about complex global health challenges. Explore the Studios section for more examples of our multimedia work and experimentation!

Teaching Workshops

Workshops at the Incubator focus on tools and techniques to inspire innovative pedagogy and provide new skills for teachers. Check out a behind the scenes clip about digital media and connecting with learners! If interested in spring workshops for teaching fellows, join our mailing list.

Recent News

Meaningful Assignments That Live Beyond the Classroom

Meaningful Assignments That Live Beyond the Classroom

July 13, 2017

As midterm season passed and the end of the Spring 2017 semester was in sight, students in Professor Sue J. Goldie’s course “Global Health Challenges: Complexities of Evidence-Based Policy,” offered both at Harvard College and Harvard Extension School, were told that they would be spending the second half of the semester learning about, proposing, and executing final projects on a global health topic of their choosing.

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