About Us

The Global Health Education and Learning Incubator at Harvard University inspires and supports innovative learning, teaching, and dialogue about cutting-edge, multidisciplinary global challenges. We foster and evaluate new pedagogical tools and instructional strategies that bridge disciplinary fields, educational spaces, and groups of learners. Through the deliberative design of inclusive learning spaces—to gather, to collaborate, to spark unexpected discussions—the Incubator encourages transformative thinking across disciplines while breaking down conceptual and geographic boundaries.

Learning Studios

Explore, experiment and innovate in a "hands on" multimodal environment.

Pilots and Programs

Field-test novel teaching strategies prior to implementation and scale-up.

Teaching Library

Find resources to support teaching about global interdisciplinary challenges.


The Learning Studios are physical spaces to tinker, explore, and experiment in the digital environment. Here, teachers and students can explore, experiment, and innovate with creative multimedia approaches that inspire novel pedagogy, build multimodal literacy, and contribute to an emerging visual “grammar” for teaching and learning. With support from our staff, faculty and collaborators can leverage the digital space to reflect on their own teaching and learning practices. With a deliberative “lab” atmosphere, each Learning Studio maintains an open “physical” door and an open “digital” window—sharing both process and prototypes, locally and globally.


Inspiring and promoting interdisciplinary and integrative learning, the Incubator’s Pilots and Programs are the places to field-test novel ideas prior to implementation and scale-up. We take an entrepreneurial approach—emphasizing the value of “failing early” as we seed new teaching and learning strategies, pursue iterative pilots to improve quality, and foster an evidence-based culture to assess milestones and outcomes—with the goal of encouraging successful models to outgrow the Incubator to take root with an established institutional partner, either within or outside the University. All pilots and programs are expected to contribute knowledge-related public goods, from global health teaching tools to educational resources for global learning.


The Teaching Library is a place to find and share resources. It represents the Incubator’s work to curate and disseminate high-quality educational public goods. Through collaborative partnerships, we co-produce and contextualize print, digital, and multimedia resources for different learners, educational settings, and academic disciplines. From issue-specific modules for students to teaching tools for educators, these resources exemplify our interdisciplinary approach toward learning and teaching about global health.