Our Work

People, partnerships and pilots are the most important ingredients in our workwhether experimenting with new multimodal instructional strategies, designing spaces for interdisciplinary dialogue, field-testing prototypes, or producing educational public goods. Scan through snapshots of our work!


Our studios are spaces to “think visually” and pursue “out of the box” ideas, to explore the "ecosystem" of teaching and learning by taking risks.


The Incubator is a space to imagine new possibilities, to foster collaboration, communication and community across borders – conceptual and geographic.


We aspire to catalyze a transformation in what we teach, who we teach, and how we teach, developing new strategies and tools to promote interdisciplinary understanding.




New contexts require creative thinking, novel prototypes, and “flexible hubs of experimentation” that push the envelope on the design of diverse learning spaces.




We develop new models of instructional design and pedagogy to provide a global health outlook to scholars across the arts, sciences, and beyond.


Sue J Goldie collaborating with CSW Agnes Voligny Image

We foster interdisciplinary discourse across sectors and disciplines, working with faculty, staff and students locally and globally.