Virtual Learning

These are examples of video, multimedia, and other modalities that can be used for inspiration in a virtual learning setting. We experiment with a variety of instructional approaches in the virtual environment—exploring choices about content and pedagogy design that promote accessibility, inclusion, and connection without physical presence.

Drawing and Visualization.

Drawing and Visualization

Scan through examples from workshops and pilots that explore new ways to bring drawing, mapping, and graphics into teaching and learning. We experiment with a variety of visual tools to promote conceptual understanding, strategic thinking, and effective communication.

Behind the scenes.

Behind the Scenes

With a deliberative "studio-lab" atmosphere, the Incubator maintains an open "physical" door and an open "digital" window—sharing both prototypes and process. In this section we post snapshots and short videos that provide a glimpse behind the scenes.

Pilots and programs.

Partners and Pilots

People, partnerships and pilots are the most important ingredients in our workwhether experimenting with new multimodal instructional strategies, designing spaces for interdisciplinary dialogue, field-testing prototypes, or producing educational public goods.