Content Prototypes

Below are selected examples of low-stake videos aimed at a general audience (e.g., high-school students, general education in college for students without a background in global or public health) in which we experiment with a variety of instructional approaches in the digital environment—exploring choices about content and pedagogy and designing 'learning spaces' that promote inclusion and connection without physical presence.


Global Changes

Introduces changes that present both challenges and opportunities for global health.


Chronic Disease I

Provides a simple introduction to the problem of chronic or (non-communicable) diseases.


Food Security

Describes what we mean by food security and why it is important to health.


Conceptual Maps

Reviews three simple questions to organize our thinking about global health.


Chronic Disease II

Provides a simple review of how the health and non-health sector can tackle chronic diseases.

population movement_cp_gls

Population Movement

Provides a basic conceptual overview of forced and voluntary migration, both within and across borders.