• GHELI's studio.

    Visual Learning Studios

    Spaces to tinker, explore, and experiment in the digital environment

  • Sue J. Goldie & Julio Frenk sitting in GHELI's studio.

    Incubator Immersion Residencies

    Spend a week experimenting, innovating and reflecting on teaching, learning, and communicating

  • Sue J. Goldie and staff during Flint workshop.

    Digital Library and Learning Lab

    Create and curate interdisciplinary resources for teachers and learners

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    Incubator Workshops

    Contribute to an emerging visual grammar for global health and global learning

  • Sue J. Goldie and Eve Wittenberg in GHELI's studio.

    Pilots and Programs

    Incubate instructional models that promote interdisciplinary & integrative learning

Featured resource.

Featured Resource

This GHELI Teaching Toolkit includes 10 individual collections curated to support teaching and learning about the COVID-19 pandemic. It provides educators with accessible, evidence-based information for curricula, teaching materials, student assignments and learning experiences.

William Hsiao content prototype.

Faculty Residency

While our primary format for residencies has been a hybrid of in-person and off-site, we are restructuring these opportunities and programs to be entirely remote-adaptive. Take a peek behind the scenes about  visual communication and instructional design highlighting faculty, students and staff. If you’re interested in learning more about future offerings, email us!

Teaching transitions.

Teaching Transitions

With the transition of classes to online formats this Spring, Faculty Director Sue J. Goldie transformed her undergraduate course into a web-based multimodal learning environment. Take a glimpse into some of the online teaching techniques, make-shift production studios and content prototypes in our Studios portal.

Workshops & Events

Alongside our university-wide and partnered global health events, we hold virtual workshops and online learning engagements that focus on tools and techniques to inspire innovative pedagogy. We’ll be announcing more new programming to support new remote teaching and learning efforts: if interested in signing up, join our mailing list.

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