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    Visual Learning Studios

    Spaces to tinker, explore, and experiment in the digital environment

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    Incubator Immersion Residencies

    Spend a week experimenting, innovating and reflecting on teaching, learning, and communicating

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    Digital Library and Learning Lab

    Create and curate interdisciplinary resources for teachers and learners

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    Incubator Workshops

    Contribute to an emerging visual grammar for global health and global learning

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    Pilots and Programs

    Incubate instructional models that promote interdisciplinary & integrative learning


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This teaching pack introduces undergraduate students to the global burden of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) through exercises in graphical literacy and lessons that focus on the example of national sugar taxation as a prevention strategy for diabetes in Latin America. The pack includes an instructor’s note, three lesson plans, an annotated bibliography, and a glossary of terms.

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Faculty Residency

Spend a week with us - experiment in the visual learning studios, develop multimedia prototypes, and create interactive instructional materials. Take a peek behind the scenes about visual communication and instructional design highlighting faculty, students and staff. If interested, email us!

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Population Dynamics

Population dynamics are considered an important global change, but what does that even mean? In a new animated video, Professor Sue J. Goldie introduces three drivers of population dynamics—fertility, mortality and migration—and illustrates their influence on population growth and age structure.

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Teaching Workshops

Our workshops focus on tools and techniques to inspire innovative pedagogy. Check out a behind the scenes clip about digital media and connecting with learners! If interested in spring workshops for teaching fellows, join our mailing list.

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