Partners and Pilots

People, partnerships, and pilots are the most important ingredients in our workwhether experimenting with new multimodal instructional strategies, designing spaces for interdisciplinary dialogue, field-testing prototypes, or producing educational public goods.

Artistic Look at Global Health

Tom Evans shares insight on the artwork from the final assignment for the course, Issues in Global Health. This integrated course was developed at the Cambridge School of Weston in Spring 2016 while working with the Incubator. A selection of the student art that came out of the course is shown.

Teaching Workshop

As part of the August 2015 Global Studies Outreach Workshop on Migration, this clip was used to prompt discussions among high-school educators about thinking routines (a set of discrete cognitive steps that are easy to remember and apply to different learning contexts) to promote learning.

Youth Mentorship

The Harvard Center for AIDS Research and the Global Health Education and Learning Incubator co-sponsored the Harvard Youth Peer Educators (H.Y.P.E.) Program in 2015. This short video clip captures memorable “sound bite snippets” of conversations with the three student mentors, as they reflect on their experience.

Course Innovation

Dean Julio Frenk and Professor Sue J. Goldie welcome incoming 2015 Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health students to a new course, entitled "Fundamental Concepts of Public Health," and share insights on its design. Students were provided this video in the summer, prior to arrival in Boston.

Leadership Talk

This is a five-minute highlight reel from a day-long shoot of conversations with Dean Cardinale and Sue J. Goldie. Dean is collaborating with the Global Health Education and Learning Incubator on initiatives in leadership, communication, and decision making.

Modular Course

The "Modular Mini-Course: Global Perspectives on Population Health” was a four-week shared learning and teaching experience to explore collaborative pursuits between the Incubator and the Cambridge School of Weston. Modules provided a broad conceptual foundation for thinking about population health in a global context.