Partners and Pilots

People, partnerships, and pilots are the most important ingredients in our workwhether experimenting with new multimodal instructional strategies, designing spaces for interdisciplinary dialogue, field-testing prototypes, or producing educational public goods.

Policy and Action.

Policy and Action

Professor Sue J. Goldie discusses the development of the reimagined 2020 Gen Ed 1063 course and introduces students who were invited to reflect on the 2019 course and their final projects currently on display at GHELI. Learn more in our Adobe Spark page.

World Health Challenges: Influencing Policy and Inspiring Action.

Student Gallery

Browse a virtual gallery of creative projects from the 2020 offering of Gen Ed 1063 and watch Professor Sue J. Goldie discuss the development and reimagination of the course.

What is Health.

What is Health?

Highlights from an undergraduate class taught by Eve Wittenberg where students worked through their ideas using speaking and visual presentation exercises to improve writing techniques while exploring the question: What is Health?

Gender Stereotypes.

Gender Stereotypes

Human rights lawyer and Incubator Senior Scholar in Residence Alicia Ely Yamin introduces her video series on gender stereotypes and reframing the struggles for sexual and reproductive health and rights. Access the full series.