Bhattacharya Named for Inaugural Artist Cohort

May 18, 2022
Nina Bhattacharya.
Photo by Mel Taing

In February 2022, the Harvard Ed Portal launched the pilot of a new Artist Pipeline Program for early career artists across diverse backgrounds and mediums who live and work in the Allston-Brighton neighborhood. Nina Bhattacharya, GHELI’s Instructional Design Specialist and a visual artist, was named for the inaugural cohort.

"Making collages is an active process of reflection for me, a way to thread together my personal meditations on liberation, community, and spirituality. In a world that often feels so fast, it's a space of stillness, of introspection, of moving slow,” shares Bhattacharya, who has been long involved in the Incubator’s creative pilots and prototypes

“My pieces stitch archival images with the visual details of scrapbook kitsch, and offer tender commentary on current moments and movements. I think a lot about indigenous botanist Robin Wall Kimmerer's words, 'All flourishing is mutual,' and I hope to evoke that same feeling of community and interdependence through my art."

The cohort of artists, together, are learning to build a sustainable arts future. Through workshops, resources, and short-term projects, they gain boots-on-the-ground skills, get individualized support for specific goals or challenges, work towards an engagement opportunity at Harvard, and earn a certificate of completion.

Learn more about this year’s cohort.