Pedagogy of Policy Briefs

May 12, 2022
Pedagogy of Policy Briefs

After two years of pandemic, the Incubator welcomed the teaching team of Faculty Director Sue J. Goldie’s Harvard College course, “World Health: Challenges and Opportunities,” for an in-person workshop on assessing policy brief assignments. As a General Education course, it relies on the leadership of graduate teaching fellows to deepen student inquiry and support skill building. This year’s incredible team included:

  • Dr. Anna Gage, PhD (Head TF)
  • Elizabeth Hentschel, PhD Student
  • Rodrigo Bazúa Lobato, DrPH Student
  • Jessica Liu, PhD Student 
  • Sydney Stanley, PhD Student 
  • Austin Tucker, PhD Student

During the workshop itself, Professor Goldie walked teaching fellows through best practices and principles for grading global health policy briefs from her course. In the policy briefs, students were challenged to structure and contextualize a health problem, consider relevant evidence, and make a case for a course of action based on reasoned analysis.

Nina Bhattacharya, Instructional Design Specialist, guided fellows through a tour of GHELI’s pop-up studios and learning spaces. Throughout the semester, Bhattacharya collaborated closely with fellows to design timely, engaging section plans to reinforce key course concepts. “We are lucky to have a talented team of fellows who really represent the depth and breadth of global health practice today,” she shared.

Explore exemplar policy briefs in GHELI’s Student Project Gallery.